🐇Token Utility

The PTS Token, which will serve as the governance and utility token for Piteas, is designed to have limited supply and be resistant to manipulations.

What are the Token Utilities?

  • Buyback Progress: Revenue generated by the protocol will be used for periodic buybacks from the market. The purchased tokens can be burned or used for the benefit of protocol users or the community.

  • Liquidity Provide: Liquidity assets are of great importance for a token's strength, which is why we will use protocol revenue to provide liquidity and keep liquidity assets strong. The protocol generates revenue from various tokens, not just a fixed token. Therefore, the generated revenue can be in PTS, PLS, or any other tokens. Liquidity will be provided with PTS and the tokens obtained as a result of the revenue.

  • Governance: DAO - Governance model will be established to ensure that all key decisions regarding Piteas are not centralized and token holders have the power to participate in important protocol decisions using PTS Tokens. (coming soon)

  • Single Side Staking: Token holders can lock their assets to earn passive income. The rewards will initially be supported by the protocol treasury and will also have a claim on the staking rewards from the protocol's revenue. (coming soon)

  • Gasless Trade: Gas fees for swap transactions on Piteas will be paid with PTS Tokens instead of PLS, creating a significant use case for the token. (coming soon)

  • Swap Fee Reduction: The fee charged by the protocol for swap transactions will be dynamic based on the proportion of the token you stake. (coming soon)

At least 50% of protocol revenue is used/will be used as token utility.

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