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PTS Token

PTS Token is the utility token of Piteas and represents voting rights in the upcoming governance model. It has an organic connection with the Piteas protocol and its revenue model, making it essential for the protocol's sustainable economy.

Key Characteristics:

  • Fixed supply: The token has a fixed supply and cannot be minted, only burned.

  • Deflationary model: The token's supply will continuously decrease based on the protocol's revenue.

  • Fundamental for upcoming features: PTS Token serves as a cornerstone for various features that will be launched in the future, including Gasless trade, swap fee reduce, etc.

Token Contract and Details 👇

Tokenomics Detail:

Here are some details about token allocations 👇

  • Protocol Treasury: Allocated for Piteas' future plans and is decided not to be used without community approval. It can be used in later stages with community approval for purposes like expanding to different networks, sourcing liquidity, or similar processes.

  • Airdrop: Allocated for individuals who contributed during the sacrifice process and distributed fairly. A small portion is reserved for potential airdrops to incentivize protocol usage in the future.

  • Liquidity Reserve: Approximately 75% provided as liquidity during the token launch phase. The remaining assets are held in reserve for future liquidity provision stages.

  • Incentives and Rewards: Used for rewarding liquidity providers and stakers, supporting protocol partnerships, funding developments that help grow the ecosystem, grants, and other related purposes.

  • Team & Contributors: Allocated for developers and salaried individuals who support the protocol's development.

  • Development & Marketing: Allocated to cover expenses related to marketing Piteas and to support the majority of technological developments and expenses of the protocol.

  • Grants & Bounty: Allocated for third-party applications and personal initiatives related to protocol security, development, and marketing.

It is essential to transfer unused, idle, or tokens that have been deemed unnecessary for planning changes to the treasury.

Token Distribution

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